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10:07am 19/12/2007
I've gotten all my christmas shopping done, no more need to worry about that. I have everything lined up to be deployed to the soloman islands. I'm listed as doing a Pidgin English course in late january. Everything seems to be going alright.
Just as you say those words, two things pop up: my boss telling me again that I'm working New Years Eve, and my flatmate telling me that she's not happy with my brother moving in with her. Both of these are problems that I thought I'd resolved. I told my boss months ago that I wasn't working NYE, I mentioned I'd do the day and I'd work on NYD, but there was no way that I'd work NYE in the evening. It's going to be boring as hell and it'd mean I'd miss the last big chance I have to party with my mates.

And the flatmate thing... bloody hell. This was organised before I'd even left Chapel St. Craig was going to move in when I went off for nine months. That'd give me someone here at my place whilst I was away, and my mother and sister a break from living with 3 people in their flat. It's also a bit of security for me.
When Amy mentioned it last night, I though, "Bugger, I didn't even think to ask her what she had in mind." But thinking about it this morning - I don't need to ask her what she had in mind. Sure, she says that she doesn't know his friends and she moved in with me, not him. But that's not the point. If she wants to pay the entire rent she can have the place whilst I'm away, but since I'll still be paying half the rent, I get half the say. As people can probably see, I'm working myself up into a lather over this, so I'm getting it out here so I can think about it clearly later today.

The next few days will be rather interesting, I imagine.
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(no subject)  
09:05am 27/11/2007
All brews are going well! There's a few pictures of my beer fridge floating around on my new and strange facebook page which my brother ordered me to get. I'll see if I can find one and remember my HTML.

There we go. Looks pretty, pours a great beer. Has been shifted inside of late though. I've got a wheat beer on tap after the lads drank almost all of a 19L keg of pale ale in one night. The Porter is in the secondary fermenter after having a stuck fermentation and is now slowly recovering after a little application of heat and some serious shaking. And lastly I have a James Squire Golden Ale clone in the primary fermenter. I altered the recipe to give it a little less sweetness and a smoother maltier taste. Well, I hope I did.

Work is a bit hectic. I've done 21 days on and 3 days off with another 6 straight to go. A bloke rang up last night to ask for some more shifts after he'd quit whilst having a blue over his pay, the boss laughed him off the phone.
I ended up carrying 80 slabs of premix alcohol up the stairs into a spare room last night. I was sweating something shocking in the process and dirtied one of my new tops I wear when I'm not meant to be doing too much carrying. I was a little annoyed, and after arguing with the boss all through the ordering of what we're supposed to get in, I'd had a pretty rough shift. But just as I was leaving he hands me a $25 bottle of wine and thanks me for the hard work. I do really like this job.

Good job.
Good house.
Good beer (on tap).

I think it's time for brekky and the paper.
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There will be beer!  
10:27am 13/11/2007
After the great refridgerator purchase there was much excitement. For the beer in the fermenters was almost prepared for the Great Tasting! "I Wish I Was a Pale Ale" would be the first great brew, already kegged and pressurised for the coming of the Great Tasting! In preparation for the celebrations and festivities, a second great brew was commissioned. "Weizen almost Wasn't" would play understudy to the pale ale in the disastrous event that the Pale Ale would be consumed too quickly and no beer would be left for the Great Tasting. A second magnificent keg would be filled and pressurised to ensure that the revellers would not go without beer. And a Wheat Beer nonetheless! Oh these are days of happy times!

There would be little room for error in the days leading up to the Great Tasting, and to make sure that the festivities continued, the Master Brewer would continue labouring, day and night, to make the people happy. There are taps to be fitted, gravities to be taken and fermenters to be racked. The Master Brewer had many jobs to do, but he would make time to do them all.
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New Brew!  
08:56am 02/11/2007
I managed to brew my very first batch of beer at the new place last night. Called "I Wish I Was A Pale Ale" because it resembles nothing like any pale ale I've seen yet. We'll have to see what happens over the course of the fermentation because the specific gravity is INSANELY high. It's 1.100 when it should be around 1.060 - 1.070 at most.

Depending on how I go with this one I may have to rename it Rocket Fuel.
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(no subject)  
11:07pm 01/11/2007
Small, small, tiny things remind me of much bigger, more random ideas that I once had and remind me of how stupid I was, have been and will be.

When will I stop thinking in the past and future and start remembering the here and now? Just dropping a bottle at work has me punishing myself as if I'd done something shocking. I know I'm meant to be taking responsibility and I'm meant to be a person to look up to, but I'm 22. Just when I let myself soar, I bring my own self back to earth. I have my very own tall poppy syndrome.

At the end of the day, does any this change the price of beer? No.

CPI increases however... now that's something to kill yourself over.
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I have moved in!  
03:36pm 30/10/2007
My place is so unbelievably cool! I constantly just look around and smile. I'm in a group of shops down the eastern end of Centre Rd in Bentleigh East. There's a massive courtyard in the rear and a shed for all my homebrew kit. I have my own clothesline, my bedroom is huge! I've just been out buying stuff all morning to sort my place out. Small things like a broom for sweeping up leaves (I've never had so much fun gardening), a door handle for my homebrew shed, replacement outdoor lights and barstools for my bench!!
I went to BBQ's Galore the very first chance I had to scout out stuff for my awesome courtyard. I ended up spending a few hundred more than I planned, but it was on appropriate things for my living space. Well, I can't really justify it at all other than 'because I could.' My other slight justification for it was that I originally planned to reach a goal to save $8,000 by the end of the year, I reached $10,000 not too long ago and decided to reward myself. Plus I do have close to $1000 owed to me in the next few weeks, plus Army not paying me properly.

I'm playing soccer this evening for the PCYC Members Vs Kids match. I though they were going to be 16yr olds we were playing against, but it turns out that we're going to be playing about 12 yr olds. I'm almost going to feel a little bit bad about beating them.

Army sent me up to QLD again for the weekend. This is getting tiresome and pointless, the weekend was for the Solomans deployment, but it was nothing that we couldn't have covered in Victoria. Army's starting to frustrate me a little bit now, they pulled me in on Tuesday night, last week, and told me that if I wasn't going on the operation next year they would have promoted me that night to Lance Corporal. They went further to tell me that should I decide that I don't want to go to the Soloman Islands at any time, they'll promote me at the next available opportunity. Way to give me mixed messages, I'm happy that they want to promote me, but did they have to tell me? I don't think so.

I hate days when I'm not working, there's only so much handymanning, furniture arranging and shopping I can do. I'm going to be in trouble when there's nothing to do around this place on my days off. Hopefully it'll be sunny and I can head to the beach.
Lets try some photos: This is my kitchen/lounge before the great unpacking.

This is my fabulous courtyard at 7am on a glorious spring morning!
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2 days until I shift!!  
04:40pm 20/10/2007
I'm looking forward to moving house. What I mean by that is that I'm really looking forward to moving into my new place. I'm not looking forward to packing and shifting house. I'm really looking forward to buying a bbq and outdoor furniture. I can't wait!!
I'm considering having NYE party at my place. Yes, it's a little early, but if you don't start thinking about these things now, they're never going to get organised.

We got a massive delivery at work the other day. $41,000 worth of stock with a resale value close to $70,000. I've got a photo of myself standing on two pallets of Jim Beam and cola slabs. It's six months of cans that we've been allocated by the head shed. Work again tonight, I was meant to be working the apartment tonight (the upstairs function room), but I kicked out the bloke from the bottleshop. I need to work it rather than him because he just creates so much more work for the next person who does the following shift. He wont do work unless he's told to or he's prompted, so no restocking happens. Although he hadn't arrived for his shift last night when I left, so he's probably not going to be working much longer if at all.

How do quiet drinks last night manage to turn into beer bongs and pub runs at 10pm? I think I'm going to need a coffee or two tonight.
music: Steve Lukather - Twist the Knife
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I don't know how I haven't killed myself  
05:17pm 15/10/2007
Admin weekends for army. If there's anything on this earth that will make you lose the will to live it's paperwork. Forms, applications, statutory declarations, nominations, appraisals and power of attorney. To top the weekend off, there was a lot of down time as well, sitting watching movies on the projector. It was mind numbing. The highlight of the weekend was receiving innoculations, two in my right arm and one in my left (because I'm right handed - duh). But I get paid for this shit, so I shouldn't overly complain.

I ducked into Coles Sunday night and stumbled around looking for things to eat for dinner. I was served by a lovely young checkout chick and we had a moment as I swiped my FlyBuys. "Where does it all end?" She asked me, well, here was someone who truly cared about me! I proceeded to tell her all about my crazy weekend in service of the nation when she quietly interrupted me. "No, sorry, your groceries? Where do they end?" I stared at her blankly before realising my mistake and right hooked the cabbages of the old lady behind me back into her trolley. I quickly apologised for my incoherant rant that I subjected her to and made light of the situation, as I normally do. She was a little embarressed and put three bags of shopping into one bag as quickly as she could. "Thanks for brightening up my day." She concluded, and left me to go into Vintage Cellars and harass the staff with my superior knowledge of wine and beer. Ahhh braindead Sundays, I could do them for a living.

Now this morning was a completely different kettle of clusterfucks. I couldn't remember the address of Births, Deaths and Marriages. So after wandering up and down the length of Collins st for an hour I rang a mate who pointed me in the right direction, to where I'd been an hour earlier. Braving the masses of red tape and warning signs of red tape I went in, filled in my form, and took a number. Number came I straight away. Made small talk with old lady receptionist. Print this. Sign that. $25.50 please. Thankyou. Out the door walks Alan. That's all I have to say about BDM. No smart arse remarks. No sceptical comments. That's it.

Now I'm hungry.
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(no subject)  
10:15am 12/10/2007
I woke up Monday morning and started cleaning. I'd been told our landlady had organised an inspection for a possible tenant at 2:00pm that day. So from 0830 I cleaned everything. Bathroom, kitchen, dishes, sinks, toilets, windows, floorboards, desks, windowsills and all the superfluous crap that floats around my flat. Christian managed to get himself up at 1000, he came in late that night, which was a commendable effort for him. And credit to him he put in a solid half days cleaning.
Sure enough, 1400 comes around and the guy politely asked to come in. He commented on how clean the place was and quickly asked a few questions about neighbours and rent and then left. He left after spending maybe 90 seconds in the place looking around. I couldn't believe it. We agreed to an inspection out of hours, without much notice and the guy turns up for a minute and a half without our landlady accompanying him. Much ranting and raving later, I settled down for the afternoon before going to work and whinging to anyone who would listen.

Army has gone crazy for me. I've got more paperwork to fill out in one folder than I'd usually get in a year of army. There's extra requirements for me to attend, and more out of hours things for me to complete. All this on top of my usual commitments. It'll be a tough slog over the next few weeks - at least it'll keep me out of trouble.

All this aside, I've still got to pack and shift house, I boxed up 6 boxes of computer games, CD's and DVD's last night and that's just what I've got in the living room. This is clearly a lot worse than clothes shopping.
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I spoke too soon  
11:32pm 08/10/2007
I got the house! Well, it's an apartment at the rear of a shop, but I got it! I'm going BBQ and outdoor furniture shopping as soon as I have a spare day.

RACV replaced my battery for me. Apparently mine was seven years old and well past it's date to have expired. My new one will work for three years with no problems.

I have organised my Movember campaign for my army reserve unit. That's all sorted.
Movember - Sponsor Me

My life is good again.
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